Exploring Beauties of Natural Heritage


A journey away from Carita beach resort, West of Jakarta, will bring   tourists  who continue southward to the national park of Ujung Kulon. The park was declared by UNESCO as Natural World Heritage Site in 1993.

Covering 120,551 hectares, the park is home of  one-horned rhino (Rhinocerous Sondaicus) an extremely rare animal of which only around  one hundred survive in the natural habitat.

The difficulty of reaching the park is part of the challenge  for visitors. Through packages tours are available from Jakarta, Carita and Labuan, it is also possible to travel on your own by four wheeled-drive up to park headquarters in Taman Jaya.

Offering eco-tourism experiences, Ujung Kulon is synonymous with white sands and beautiful scenery.  Thus, it is also a nice place for water related recreation. The area is dwelled by endangered wildlife and diverse species of oxen, birds, leopard, wild pigs, deer, snakes and bears.


Though the park is famous as the home of the rhino, the animal is rarely seen. It is extremely shy and has a sharp sense of smell that warns it of approaching intruders.

The government is also developing a new resort named Tanjung Lesung, not so far from Ujung Kulon.  Covering 1,500 hectares, there will be hotels, cottages,  a marina,  golf course and  an arts center.