Prefect Escape on Pulau Seribu


Marine resorts are available for those searching for a tranquil place to escape from hustle and bustle of the city. Though there are many such places outside the city, they can also be found in Jakarta. Sailing  around coastal shores over the blue ocean  is the adventure offered by these paradise islands to tourists. Only a short trip from Jakarta, Pulau Seribu means  ‘thousand islands”.

However, the name of  does not actually refer to the exact number of islands there.  Though consisting of only about one hundred islands, Pulau Seribu is certainly worth a visit.

Visitors will easily find transportation to get to any of the islands.  They also have a few choices of departure points according to their convenience.

Going to the islands by fishermen boats for some will be unforgettable trip. A cruise on the ocean waves can start from a nearby fishermen village such as Muara Karang, Muara Angke, Kamal Muara, or Dadap.

Yachts with regular departure every day  are also available.

Marina Taman Impian Jaya Ancol in the North of Jakarta is recommended departure point.

Here there are several types of vessels such as ferries, boats or even speedboats.  Each of them has different capacity of passengers and speed. However, how long the trip will  take will  depend on weather and the waves. The brighter the weather the sooner the island will be met.  “Thousand Islands” is a part of North Jakarta Municipality which is divided into 4 sub-districts. Untung Jawa Island, Tidar  District, Panggang Island and Kelapa Island. The government has also developed several  islands  which are scattered  in the Kelapa Island  sub district.

The most attractive scenery of Thousand Islands is the sea panorama and white sandy beaches , the latter being the best place for relaxing and recharging body and soul. Any activity is possible here, such as fishing snorkeling, swimming or just sun bathing while reading your favorite  novel.

Diverse kinds of  accommodation in Thousand Island are available , such as non-star-hotels, cottages and even  resorts with more than 500 rooms. Price depends on facilities such as air-condoning  or fan-ventilation. Packages normally includes two-way transportation  from Jakarta to Thousand islands.

One attractive destination among Thousand Islands is Sepa island which is endowed with white sand, palm trees, coral reefs, clear blue sea and , of course, clean fresh air.   To reach the island quickly, visitors can go there by high speed cruise from Ancol Pier in North Jakarta.

For shorter journey time, the management can provide  boats of a different capacity.

The two-hour trip is certainly not boring as groups of  dolphins sometimes also part of oceanic scenery, and  there are opportunities  to view  colorful fishes  following the boat.

At Sepa Island, there are plenty of sports facilities. For example, one can indulge in snorkeling,  take diving courses, jet and water ski, as well as take cruises in glass-bottomed  and banana boast.  At Matahari Island resort, one can join an international dive  club. The resort’s Dive Club holds practice dive every weekend for both members and non-members.

About 5 minutes from Matahari Island is Pantara Island, with pampers visitors with emerald green water and pure white sand beaches.

Actually Pantara consists  of three different unspoiled islands, namely East Pantara, West Pantara and Little Subaru , which is the biggest island.  The area is surrounded by beautiful reefs which are home to colorful fishes.

Boats dock at East Pantara where there are several ranges of cottages. Made of bamboo wood and sago palm roof, the  cottages are ensconced among swaying coconut palms and are in harmony  with the natural beauty  of the islands.

Visitors feel the purity of the island, immediately upon setting their foot down at the long quay. And the natural perfection is real as there are no televisions or telephones, except  for the intercom at the cottage. Obviously Pantara is the right destination for people who intent to relax.  With limited access to the outside world, they will be able to enjoy the island activities.


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