Visiting Rugged, Forested Island

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Tour Viewers , Photograph by Andika Nusanta Utama



Morotai  is an island in the Halmahera’s  group of eastern Indonesia’s Maluku Islands. It is one of Indonesia’s northernmost islands. Morotai is a rugged, forested island lying to the north of Halmahera. It has an area  covering 1,800 square kilometers (690 sq mi), stretching 80 kilometers (50 mi) north-south and no more than 42 kilometers (26 mi) wide.

The regency’s largest town is Daruba, on the island’s south coast. Almost all of Morotai’s numerous villages are coastal settlements; a paved road linking those on the east coast starts from Daruba and will eventually reach Berebere, the principal town on Morotai’s east coast, 68 kilometers (42 mi) from Daruba.

Asked about their experiences,  visitors who have visited the island said that beaches are  clean and worth visiting during low tide. There are  long white sandy beaches  connecting the two nearby islands. Visiting during  low tide is  the best time  or when the full moon is there at night  as it is the  time to relax .

During  low tide is  also the time  for those  seeking outdoor activities such as going to the beach with   banana boats & jetski available to rent. It is a beautiful island  with  fine sand beaches around the island. It is very popular among foreign and  local tourists.

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(Tour Viewers, White Sandy Beach)


(Tour Viewers: Best Time During Low Tide)

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(Tour Viewers)